Station 3: Hoback

Station 3: Hoback

The Hoback Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1974 with Station 3 being constructed in 1981 near the round-about on Highway 89 in Hoback Junction. Today, 9 volunteers respond out of this station and serve the southern half of the county, including Hoback Junction and the surrounding rural areas.

Station 3 works as a multi-disciplinary station and is responsible for the majority of the county’s swiftwater rescue calls due to its proximity to Hoback Canyon and the Snake River Canyon. Swiftwater rescue calls come in from the whitewater rafting companies when there is an emergency on the Snake River with an overturned boat and emergency responders are called in to rescue or care for a person that got separated from their boating party. This house serves a large wildland-urban-interface (WUI) area. The building itself is 2,300 square feet and the bay holds five pieces of apparatus: a structural engine, a wildland engine, an ambulance, a 3,000 gallon water tender, as well as a vehicle equipped for various types of rescues. Station 3, also, has a meeting room and a kitchen.

Station 3. Chris Betsinger image.

Chris Betsinger
Volunteer Captain

Station 3. Andrew Byron image.

Andrew Byron
Volunteer Lieutenant

Station 3. Bernhard Sieber image.

Bernhard Sieber
Volunteer Lieutenant

Station 3: Hoback. Tyler Babcock image.

Tyler Babcock
Probationary EMT

Station 3: Hoback. David Cernicek image.

David Cernicek
Volunteer FFII

Station 3: Hoback. Lance Cohen image.

Lance Cohen
Probationary FFI

Station 3: Hoback. Cassie Heikkila image.

Cassie Heikkila
Volunteer FFI/EMT

Randy Luskey
Volunteer FFI/EMT