JH Fire/EMS Members

We have six stations scattered throughout Teton County, two of which employ full-time members and all of which rely on the volunteer response of JH Fire/EMS to operate efficiently. All six are strategically placed around the county for maximal response efficacy, and all six have their own unique history.

Volunteers and staff with JH Fire/EMS train and respond to all types of emergencies in Teton County from severe car accidents to building fires to swift water rescue and more.

JH Fire/EMS Members Locations

There are stations at each of the following locations:

1: Jackson

2: Wilson

3: Hoback

4: Moran

5: Moose-Wilson Road

6: Adams Canyon

Learn more about each of the teams that serve our community through the links below.

JH Fire/EMS History

Each station initially began as its own volunteer fire department before integrating into what we now know as Jackson Hole Fire/EMS in 2004. Hundreds of volunteer hours make up the Fire/EMS team that serves the whole of Teton County today. Learn more about the history of your local department throughout our website as well as through photos from the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum Collection in this Buckrail article.

Station 1: Jackson. JH Fire/EMS members

Station 1:

Station 2: Wilson. JH Fire/EMS members

Station 2:

Station 3: Hoback. JH Fire/EMS members

Station 3:

Station 4: Moran. JH Fire/EMS members

Station 4: Moran

Station 6: Moose-Wilson Rd. JH Fire/EMS members

Station 6:
Moose-Wilson Rd

Station 7: Adams Canyon. JH Fire/EMS members.

Station 7:
Adams Canyon